Lead Poisoning

If your apartment is run down, its paint is flaking and chipping, and you have a child or infant living with you who is putting those paint chips in his or her mouth, that child may be at risk for lead poisoning. Some types of paint, particularly in older buildings, contain lead. Lead is a poison. When children eat lead paint chips, it poisons them. It affects their bones, their brain and their ability to learn. Lead poisoning is diagnosed by a simple blood test that can be done by your pediatrician or the local hospital. If your child has lead poisoning from ingesting lead paint at home, there may be a valid cause of action against the owners or managers of the building.

Injuries sustained from lead poisoning can be devastating and make it all the more difficult for your child to succeed in school. We understand that the immediate goal following a diagnosis of lead poisoning is to get your child necessary help from city agencies and providers who treat the condition. We also understand that the next objective is to protect your child's rights and to seek compensation in court for medical bills, for pain and suffering and for the hindrances to learning or future meaningful employment that can result. If your child has sustained lead poisoning, you may be eligible to receive compensation under the law.

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