Verdicts and Settlements

Mark A. Eskenazi has been trying cases for over 35 years. Here are some of his verdicts and settlements:

$5,000,000 Verdict, Medical Malpractice: Failure to diagnose allergic reaction to anti-seizure medication Tegretol.

$550,000 Settlement, Lead Poisoning: Child has lead poisoning from chipping paint in apartment.

$750,000 Settlement after Openings and First Witness, Medical Malpractice: Bowel injury during exploratory laparotomy for endometriosis.

$1,250,000 Settlement, Medical Malpractice: Failure to diagnose and treat cancer resulting in greater cancer invasion.

$345,000 Settlement, Hospital and Nursing Malpractice: Failure to monitor post-surgical patient resulting in serious bed sore.

$700,000 Settlement, Medical Malpractice: Shoulder injury to baby during delivery.

$900,000 Verdict, Products Liability: Wheel breaks off of secretary chair resulting in back injury and surgery

$155,000 Settlement, Animal Attack: Dog bite resulting in surgical repair of torn ligaments in the forearm.

$526,088 Verdict, Medical Malpractice: Injured ureter during hysterectomy.

$685,000 Settlement, Medical Malpractice: Failure to timely diagnose necrotic bone condition of the hip.

$9,400,000 Settlement, Medical Malpractice: Delayed response to fetal distress, resulting in severe compromise to the baby.

$1,080,000 Verdict, Medical Malpractice: Failure to appropriately monitor anesthesia and fluids during cancer surgery.

$640,000 Settlement, Premise Negligence: Child diagnosed with lead poisoning from eating peeling paint in apartment.

$900,000 Verdict, Psychiatric Malpractice: Distraught mother throws child from apartment window causing broken jaw.

$600,000 Settlement (after liability Verdict), Premise Negligence: Slip on ice during snow storm, serious ankle fracture.

$350,000 Settlement, Chiropractic and Medical Malpractice: Negligent diagnosis and treatment of herniated disc by manipulation.

$750,000 Settlement, Medical Malpractice: Failure to accurately read mammograms and timely diagnose breast cancer.

$900,000 Settlement, Medical Malpractice:  Left femoral nerve palsy caused during hysterectomy.

$1,200,000 Verdict, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice: Failure to diagnose and treat necrotic bowel resulting in death.

These Verdicts and Settlements are representative of the results Mr. Eskenazi has obtained and do not suggest or imply anything about the value of your individual injury or loss, or whether or not you have a valid case to pursue.  Prior results cannot and do not guarantee or predict a similar outcome with respect to any future matter, including yours, in which a lawyer or law firm may be retained.